Hello and salutations! I'm Rosalie, currently daydreaming in the greater Los Angeles area. 

As an artist I started out solely as a photographer, shooting predominantly lifestyle. Being the kind of person I am, ever changing and evolving, I don't like being tied down to one style of photography or only making one kind of art. One day I'll be the photographer, the next day I'll want to embroider or paint, the next I'll spend hours rearranging fonts, so...

enjoy the myriad of art I've created in my twenty-eight years around the sun.


Sound and Fury: We'll Make the Difference                        
Lethal Amounts, Los Angeles  

July 22 - 2017

Brute Fact: Welcome Home                    Lei Min Space, Los Angeles  

May 26 - 2017

Gatov Gallery, Long Beach  

November 27 - December 2  - 2016


Bachelor of Fine Arts : Photography
California State University of Long Beach


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